Start building with SvelteKit

Go from beginner to expert by learning the foundations of SvelteKit and building a fully functional demo website that uses all the latest features.

Learn SvelteKit

Chapter: 1

Getting Started

Learn SvelteKit

18 chapters that take you from Javascript basics to SvelteKit.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

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How does this course work?

By building a full web application. Step by step.

Extra Resources

Learn SvelteKit is heavily inspired by Next.js/Learn, Vercel's official, free, Next.js course.

SvelteKit, like any other framework, is an implementation detail! So we’ll be following the same structure, and building the same final app... Only difference being, we’ll be implementing “the SvelteKit way”!

You can see me, Johnny, go through that whole course, live!

This course, the SvelteKit version with a bit of my own spice, is under development, so subscribe to my channel and we can go through it and evolve it live!

Watching my content helps solidify that if I do have a seemingly hot take, I’m actually smiling all the while 😄